what you'll need

  • Copy of driver’s license

  • Copy of any pilot’s certificates

  • Copy of current medical

  • Copy of passport or birth certificate

  • Copy of most recent flight review from logbook

  • Monarch Air paperwork (pilot data sheet, safety practices and procedures)


Plane Specifications:

Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, 10-inch primary flight displays (PFD) and a 10-inch multi-function display (MFD), WAAS-capable, VHF navigation with ILS; and VHF communication, Traffic Information Service (TIS), GFC 700 Autopilot, XM Data/Radio, WAAS, Chartview, Safetaxi, 4 Place Intercom

Additional equipment in specific planes:

  • Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)

  • IFR oceanic-approved GPS

Rental Requirements:

  • Student pilot certificate (and sign off from Monarch Air CFI)

  • Medical certificate  

  • 5 hours of G1000 time

  • Monarch Air renter checkout (to proficiency)

Rental Price:


*Available at both locations

CFI Rates:

Line CFI's: $75/hr

Stagecheck CFI's & Chief CFI: $80/hr