Why should I choose Monarch Air for my flight training? 

Monarch Air was established in June 1986 by the Sawtelle family after decades of major airline and military experience. As a Part 141 Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), Monarch offers quality aircraft and full-time instructors that provide a structured learning environment in an organized training program, giving our clients a foundation to efficiently achieve their pilot certificates. 



Monarch Air has had a proven safety record for many years. Our maintenance staff performs safe and timely repairs and inspections on all of our aircraft. All training aircraft are maintained to higher standards than the required FAA regulations. To ensure our commitment to the highest quality of safety, our fleet is inspected every 50 flight hours.



This varies from student to student – the more you can fly each week, the sooner you will be done. If you can fly 2-3 times each week, your training can be completed in 3-4 months. 

Our clients who train multiple times a week are the most likely to complete the program close to the FAA minimum hours.

Many of our clients fly for fun and have other life commitments such as work and family that do not allow them to dedicate themselves fully to flight training. These clients tend to obtain their certificates with an additional 10-15 hours of training. 


How much will it cost to get my Private Pilot Certificate? 

The more frequently you fly, the fewer dollars out of your pocket. While we cannot give you an exact fixed figure, most pilots gain their certificates for about $10,000. 


How do I pay?

You can pay each time you fly by cash, check, or major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover), or deposit funds to your account (required for international students).


How do I schedule lessons?

We are here to accommodate your schedule. Simply contact your flight instructor to schedule a lesson one at time or several in advance – whatever is convenient for you. You may also schedule yourself using our online scheduling system.


Do I have to attend ground school?

Monarch uses the online-based Cessna King Schools training curriculum, which can be completed anytime and anywhere. Even after obtaining your license, you'll still have access to the continuously updated material!


Does Monarch Air have aircraft renters insurance?

Yes, we do! Because of Monarch Air’s superior flight training safety record, we have a higher degree of coverage – $1,000,000 liability and a $2,500 deductible. However,  we recommend that all of our clients obtain renter's insurance for themselves – it’s around $100-$300 per year.


What happens during bad weather?

In the event of inclement weather (low visibility, low ceilings, stormy weather, high winds, etc.), your instructor will contact you and inform of the plan of action. Regardless of the weather, ground school and the FRASCA simulator are always available. 


What airplane WILL I train in?

Monarch Air has one of the newest training fleets in North Texas. Private Pilot and Instrument training is conducted in the Cessna Skyhawk 172SP G1000, the most popular general aviation training aircraft in the world.


CAN I RENT An AIRPLANE After OBTAINING my private pilot certificatE?

Absolutely - there's no better way to enjoy a nice day than to take up family and friends in one of our aircraft! Go out on a day trip for a $100 burger or enjoy a weekend getaway - the possibilities are endless.